Coastline Publishing

The Ultimate Icelandic–North American Directory
Compiled & Edited by Mackenzie Kristjón

Ultimate Directory"..a great pioneering work.."
—Hjalmar Hanneson, Icelandic Ambassador to Canada

The Ultimate Icelandic-North American Directory is a sourcebook for Icelanders and Icelandic descendants across North America and contains important contact information and descriptions of people and organizations that are related to the Icelandic community. Listings are listed alphabetically and by region for easy use.

This valuable resource includes:

Mackenzie Kristjón is a poet, a songwriter, and the Publishing Director of Coastline Publishing. He has contributed to the Lögberg-Heimskringla and the Icelandic-Canadian.

ISBN 0-9689119-1-9
Specifications: 6"x 9"
220 pages
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