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Falcons Gold: Canada's First Olympic Hockey Heroes
Written by Kathleen Arnason & illustrated by Luther Pokrant

Falcons Gold"The story of the Winnipeg Falcons deserves to be told from
coast to coast in Canada."

—Bob Nicholson, President of the Canadian Hockey Association

"This is a national story."
—Bill Fitsell, Society for International Hockey Research

"Is it ever great to see something like this. Just wonderful!"
—Walter Gretzky

"a magical story"
—Deb Quaile, North Halton Compass

Falcons Gold: Canada's First Olympic Hockey Heroes is a celebration of Canada's proud Olympic history. It is a hardcover children's book written by Queen's Jubilee Medal recipient Kathleen Arnason & illustrated by renowned artist Luther Pokrant. Luther was featured in the January 2003 edition of International Artist magazine.

What is the book about?

  • Falcons Gold is a story aimed at children 5–99 about a young boy whose grandfather gives him a magical puck caught at the 1920 Olympic winning game for the Falcons. The grandfather's stories about the Falcons "come to life" for Erik as he meets the Falcons and goes back to the 1920 Olympics.
  • Also includes historical information on the 1920 Winnipeg Falcons and Canadian animator Charlie Thorson–designer of Snow White

Kathleen Arnason is the bestselling author of The Story of the Gimli Huldufolk and Whistle and the Legend of the White Horse. Arnason has spent many years doing creative writing workshops in the school systems in Manitoba and Ontario. She is a children's author, poet, and hockey mom who lives in Gimli, Manitoba and a recipient of the Queen's Jubilee Medal.

Luther Pokrant RCA is a professional artist with more than thirty years of experience and is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Art. Numerous private and public collections feature his paintings. His painting, Falcons Forever, which commemorates the Winnipeg Falcons, is currently on display at the Waterfront Centre in Gimli, Manitoba.

Falcons MuralREVIEWS

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ISBN 0-9689119-2-7
32 pages. Hardcover.
Retail Price: $22.95 CDN/US