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SOLD OUT The Culinary Saga of New Iceland:Recipes from the Shores of Lake Winnipeg
By Kristin Olafson–Jenkyns

Culinary Saga"..a boatload of Icelandic specialties.."
--Ilana Simon, Winnipeg Free Press

"This book is more than a cookbook. It is a celebration of our heritage."
—Gary Oddleifson, Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto

Winner of the Gold Award, Special Interest Food & Beverage, and the Silver Award, Canada Food Culture at the 2002 Cuisine Canada Culinary Book Awards.

The Culinary Saga has been described as "a mix of homey, academic, and comprehensive in matters culinary" by the Hamilton Spectator and "a gem to sit down and savour" by the Guelph Mercury. It is an engaging cookbook with historical information about Icelandic-North American cooking, recipes, comments, tips, illustrations, and many area photographs. It includes a wide range of recipes from fish to soups to preserves to scrumptious desserts and provides an informative section on New Iceland's signature dessert, Vínarterta.

When the Icelanders immigrated to New Iceland (Manitoba's Interlake region) in 1875, they adapted their recipes and cooking methods to the indigenous ingredients of their new environment. Kristin documents the changes in New Icelandic cooking with over 200 recipes, including such innovations as Smoked Goldeye Pâté and Garden Medley Pickerel with Dill Pönnukökur (Thin Pancakes).

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Born in Gimli, Manitoba, Kristin Olafson-Jenkyns is a caterer, an interior decorator and a painter. She currently resides in Dundas, Ontario.

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