The Black Hawk VI is a powerful husky vessel with modern flush deck cabins on a traditional hull with a classic fantail stern. This is a long-range cruiser. In this era of high yacht maintenance and planned obsolescence the ‘Hawk’ is constructed of steel with a minimum of bright work. The interior is finished in warm beautifully grained oak, complemented by brass fixtures and replicas of ship’s lamps from bygone years. Dimensions are approximately 80 feet overall length with a 20 foot beam and a draft of 7 feet 6 inches.
The tugboat heritage of the Black Hawk is evident in her machinery, drive systems, control and safety features- similar to equipment used in commercial vessels with the addition of double plating below the water line. Large slow speed Caterpillar engines drive its true displacement hull quietly, and for a long way, and only at speeds imposed by hydrodynamic forces. At 1100 RPM over-the-bottom speed is approximately 9 MPH with a fuel consumption of 6-7 gallons per hour with the main generator operational.
All control systems are easily accessible, clearly labeled, and user friendly. This yacht is designed for those content with leisurely speed- to enjoy the sun, sky, and wind with a minimum of noise and vibration. This is a quality vessel replete with recreation and entertainment features with the spacious accommodation of a home afloat. The large open deck and stern salon are conducive to entertaining guests or charters. The Black Hawk is constructed to be easy to operate by the owner, is dependable, and able to cross wide stretches of water in safety and comfort.

Community Profile
The Black Hawk has maintained a high profile on the Red River and the South Basin of Lake Winnipeg for many years. It has been involved in social, business, diplomatic, government, and professional affairs and has, in effect, been an ex-officio goodwill ambassador for Manitoba. The calendar is always full of parties, meetings, fundraisers, conferences and the like. The Black Hawk's schedule of events has probably attracted as many people as do gaming sites ( or fun fairs! This is also thanks to the enthusiasm of the family who own it. The family has made a consistent effort to offer the vessel for use in community affairs. Gimli is home port and the Hawk has participated in the Icelandic Festival for the past 26 years. Guests aboard the Black Hawk invariably relate to the vessel and family with a great deal of warmth and personal attachment. Steven Olafson is the captain, a Master of Minor Waters with several years experience with the Coast Guard and on private vessels.

Articles on the Black Hawk have appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press (and Tribune), the Winnipeg Magazine, Mid Canada Commerce Magazine, Air Canada Enroute, The Down Towner, the Suburban, the ‘Festival’ programs, and the Logberg-Heimskringla - the Icelandic paper.
The Offer
The Black Hawk has served the Olafson family for thirty years, beginning as a family operated charter yacht business, and then, for the past twenty years, as a vehicle for family and community celebration, recreation and relaxation. Through everything, she’s been extremely reliable, economical, and trustworthy.
As a result of political differences with local government, the Black Hawk was forced to winter at the main dock without dockside power. There was no snow removal around the vessel and with no security system, the automatic bilge pumps were not functional. In the spring of 2004, the ice melted on the port side and a strong north wind resulted in high water with the vessel frozen to the dock. In short the vessel listed and took on water through a starboard porthole.
Within hours the vessel was refloated, all equipment drained and refilled with oil, fuel tanks were pumped out and the engine room was steam cleaned ready for painting. Fortunately the water was cold and clean and the interior was virtually untouched. The carpets were removed, cleaned and reinstalled. All electrical wiring and equipment was opened, sprayed and cleaned, and dried out, and all appliances are operable.
Arrangements have been made with the Hnausa Harbour Authority for onshore storage. The hull and drives will be inspected, the bottom cleaned and painted, engines and equipment winterized, and the security system reactivated.
Now, the Black Hawk is available to a new owner, family, company or community organization that can continue to enjoy her amenities, comfort, and community appeal. Dr. Olafson will consider all serious offers. Please contact Captain Steve Olafson at (204) 453-2020 for additional information.

Download the prospectus here.